Release notes Serviceware Knowledge 5.62

Read what innovations there are in Serviceware Knowledge 5.62.

Also read the information about Knowledge-Integrator and about Solution Bot.
Knowledge can be stored as a search provider in the browser
A new function makes it possible to set up the Knowledge search as a search provider in various browsers. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are supported browsers, Mozilla Firefox only supports this feature to a limited extent.
In the Search main menu item, there is now a new menu item in all tabs called Copy URL template for search providers to clipboard that can be found in the options menu at the bottom left.

Here you can easily copy the URL for the Knowledge search to the clipboard. You can also use this function in browser-based systems or in the browser to set up a search engine.
Figure 1. New menu item to copy the search URL

Next, configure the additional search option in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Open the settings for the search engine and add a new website search. Enter the Title (freely selectable), Abbreviation (freely selectable) preceded by @ [@knowledge] and the previously copied URL. The copied URL already contains the required parameter %s instead of the search term.

To call up the search in the browser, enter the abbreviation [@knowledge] in the browser line and select Tab on the keyboard. You can now send search queries to the stored Knowledge and open this with the corresponding search results.
Attention: If the browser search is used in the browser line above an open Knowledge system, the search is not currently executed in the correct tab.

Example: The Knowledgesearch in the browser should only search for texts. Serviceware Knowledge is open and the All content tab is selected in the search. If you search via Knowledgein the browser, All content will continue to be searched, not just Texts as set. This behavior will be fixed soon and can currently be circumvented by triggering the search in a new tab.

Screenshot: Browser settings

Screenshot: Search term in the browser

Figure 2. Display of the search result in Knowledge

Screenshot: Display of the search result in Knowledge

Changes to the Basic Reporting user interface
The Basic Reporting interface and navigation have been optimized, particularly with regard to
  • Navigation

  • Display of the tables incl. maximization options

  • Display of the data tiles

  • Display of the filter options

  • Addition of a search bar for searching in tables

The new features of Basic Reporting are expected to go live on 12.03.2024.