Release notes Serviceware Knowledge 5.65

Read what innovations there are in Serviceware Knowledge 5.65.

Also read the information about Serviceware Knowledge-Integrator and about Solution Bot.

The following changes have been made in the main client of Serviceware Knowledge:

Settings for public views not taken into account
When a message is sent, the message is automatically assigned to all views that are part of the target user group. If a file is attached or linked to a message, it also receives the corresponding views. A new function has been created to optimize this behaviour in connection with public views (e.g. C-API or widgets).
Views selected via this function are not automatically created by the target user groups
  • Messages assigned,

  • inherited from messages to files,

  • inherited from the standard pinboard to files.

This ensures that internal information is not located in public views.

Screenshot: Administration of messages for non-public views
First version of the integration of Power BI Embedded in Knowledge
Tip: Symbol: Beta version This function is a beta version.
A first version of Advanced Reporting with Power BI Embedded has been implemented and will be available in the next few days for customers who have been using Advanced Reporting with Qlik. The first version contains reports from the following areas:
  • Overview of users and user groups
  • Overview of channels used
  • Overview of read, edited and created texts
  • Overview of accessed and created files in the new file management
  • Overview of messages
The reporting is gradually being supplemented by further reports.

The following changes have been made in the main client of Serviceware Knowledge:

Bug fixes in the Knowledge Basic Reporting Symbol: Beta version
The Knowledge Basic Reporting is currently not updated at the same time as the Knowledge release. The new version will be installed automatically in the next few days and contains the following bug fixes:
  • Adjustment for the filter group View, as this was not working correctly
  • Incorrect display of start and end date in bar charts corrected
  • Tooltips optimized for full screen display
  • Pie charts optimized for full-screen display
  • Improvement in the multiple selection of filters
  • Selection of additional table columns optimized


New filter and feedback function of the web help for the platform documentation
The documentation of Knowledge and the entire Servicewareplatform has been optimized with an improved search with filter options for individual products. In addition, at the bottom of each page there is the possibility to give direct feedback on contributions (after registration).